Itzel Inspiration

A perfect blend of style and intelligence that relish your skin and captivate the senses for an exceptional experience of luxury and comfort in your bathroom. ITZEL imparts fine technology and fabulous designs that exhibit your aesthetic sense and ensure our passion for creating unmatched bath accessories. Be it faucet, shower or bottle trap, every article at ITZEL is the result of infinite imagination, conceptual designing, cutting-edge technology and immaculate precision. ITZEL is a fusion of unconventional designs and sublime technology. Of course you can no more resist the ITZEL experience.

Flow With Excellence

The gentle and sensuous design matches the wonderfully smooth stream of water flower form the ITZEL faucets. ITZEL flow pampers with its gentle volume – every single day. We achieve the ultimate in eco-friendly saving, including a double effect, for the water- saving effect is couple with a power saving, as less hot water is consumed.

Relishing Showers

ITZEL luxury showers do not only wet and moist you, the magical downpour fondle your body, stimulate your senses and energise your soul. The rhythmic and ticking fall create a joyful and intimate harmony between body and the mind. ITZEL showers splash smile in your face and spreads a comfort layer beneath your feet. Easy to control flow at a slight touch makes bathing a pampered cajoling treat. Stop dreaming, Start ITZEL!

Sixty Seconds Shower

Time is indeed a luxury in this fast paced era and water is the origin of all lively creatures. Life is impossible without water, it is almost as essential as oxygen to sustain on planet earth.

Unfortunately due to over exploitation of water resources and mismanagement in consumption most of the reservoirs are depleting and economists all over the world are concerned about the availability of water for coming generations. ITZEL is known for its eco-friendly technology and the 'Sixty Second Shower' concept it introduced is really a sensible initiative.

Based on the premium single lever technology our overhead rain showers acquiesced you to take complete bath in just 60 seconds. The easy, controlled and scientific flow refresh your all senses, reenergise you and saves gallons of water every day. Be a smart human, be responsible , take sixty seconds ITZEL shower and save water.