At the highly modern atelier, we craft precision, perfection, opulence and ITZEL in an elegant and passionate way without charging a premium price. We pursue your fantasies to produce ingenious bathing solutions for making your days splendid and every night divinely serene. Blessed with the single lever technology that is brought to India from Spain and Italy, ITZEL empowers you to preserve precious water and at last you garner pleasure as well as pride.

Inspired by panache and precision our vast range of showers and faucets is acknowledged by architects and designers to enhance the elegance of luxury hotel suites, spas and top-notch residential establishments. Now, luxury is in your reach as ITZEL offers exceptional quality, comfort and enjoyment at rather friendly price. The evocative range of bath accessories carry eco-friendly technology that conserve the water besides pampering you with gentle volume, endurable delight and ITZEL.

After making a resounding start in the Indian market the brand is well poised to land in the competitive overseas markets of France, Germany, Spain and UAE in the coming days very soon.

The Vanguard

Under the inspirational leadership of Mr. Rajeev Adlakha – Managing Director, ITZEL Bath (India) Pvt. Ltd. achieved new heights in the highly competitive Indian market. The young entrepreneur is already credited with the establishment of 'Qutone', a ceramic tiles brand. A post-graduate in Marketing Management conceived, contrived and created a brand with intense passion and high aplomb and the brand is known as ITZEL among the style conscious people. Right from the beginning ITZEL achieved a status of revolutionary brand in the high-end bathroom solutions. Mr. Rajeev Adlakha always emphasises on complying international quality standards, environment norms and cost minimisation. He projected ITZEL as a luxury brand that is not beyond the reach of middle class households.

The highly motivated business leader perfectly nurtured the brand with the knowledge and skills he assimilated from the management programme and other business ventures he already established. Being the chief-architect of ITZEL, he contributed immensely in the growth of organisation and performed brilliantly in every role. Quality and Satisfaction are the cornerstones of ITZEL'S philosophy, from product ideation to quality control his contribution remains unmatchable at all stages. Strong imagination and sharp business acumen are the strength of this young business leader, it is his excellence and expertise that helped ITZEL in developing affordable luxury faucets and showers.